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The FPT-5000 is a carrier class cellular fiber optic extender and repeater for CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G and AMPs.

The FPT-5000 is a carrier-class cellular fiber optic extender and repeater for CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, and AMPs. The unit converts RF signals to fiber optic for long-distance transport and then converted them back to RF. When used in conjunction with the RPT-9000 cellular extender, the FPT-5000 allows antennas to be mounted at distances not possible with coax and heliax cabling. Antennas can now be mounted kilometers/miles away from the RPT-9000 cellular extenders. The FPT-5000 can also be used with other 3rd party RF devices and applications. Typical applications include areas obstructed by large buildings, hills, mountains, and deep underground distances.




  • Extends Radio Frequency signals over fiber optic cable
  • Extends antennas kilometers/miles from their transmitter or receiver
  • Allows the RPT-9000 cellular extenders to reach areas and distances not possible with standard coax and heliax cabling
  • Available as an integrated option on the RPT-9000 Hybrid
  • Available in Non-Redundant, Passive, and Active Redundant configurations
  • Optional Internet access and alarm notification
  • Less than 0.5dB signal loss per km
  • Uses lightweight fiber optic cabling at 1310 ± 20 nm with Single-Mode Angle Polished connectors
  • Standard N-Type coax connection for RF input
  • Simple and rapid deployment
  • No programming knowledge required (Non-Redundant version)
  • AC Power (optional DC)
  • 2-Year Warranty

Further Product Information


The Power of Fiber Optics
The FPT-5000 utilizes Fiber Optics to provide an extension of Cellular RF signals which include CDMA, GSM, and AMPs. By utilizing Fiber Optics, we extend the cellular RF signal without changing the original signal. This allows for clean and precise reproduction of the original signal.

Antenna extension from a Transmitter or Receiver
Under normal circumstances, most antennas are connected to their transmitter/receiver with Coaxial or Heliax-based cables. With the inherent loss in these types of cables, the distance is limited to under 150 meters since the distance of the link will diminish as the cables are extended. By connecting the transmitter/receiver RF signal directly into the FPT-5000 with a short coax cable and utilizing fiber optic cable to another FPT-5000, we can greatly extend the distance without a great deal of loss. In most cases, this can be kilometers/miles.

Reach hard-to-reach places with the RPT-9000
Some RPT-9000 cellular extender applications do not have line of sight communications. There may be a large hill or object blocking the site back to the cellular tower or you may need to provide service to the users with the same problem. By running armored fiber optic cable above or below ground from the RPT-9000 to either the Fill or Donor antenna, you can place the antenna in a location where you obtain a line of sight for either the cellular tower or users. The FPT-5000 allows the RPT-9000 to address these applications and problem areas. The RPT-9000 Hybrid contains an integrated version of the FTP-5000.

Let the FPT-5000 be your solution. Call or email your XPANDAcell representative today.

** Distance is dependent on cellular tower timing and terrain

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