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Competitive Information:
Cellular Repeater and Extender Products


XPANDAcell understands there is confusion determining the difference between cellular repeaters/extenders. Please find the information below to help you understand the main differences between an XPANDAcell repeater and our competitor's products.

What is the difference in Cellular Repeaters and Extenders? 

  • XPANDAcell can extend a cellular signal up to 60 km(37 miles)* away from an existing cell tower.
    Most of the competition cannot obtain this distance reliably or without possibly interfering with existing cellular towers due to either inferior RF design, components, or lack of quality and standards.


  • XPANDAcell can pick up a cellular signal down to -100 dBm for demanding applications with extremely weak signal levels.
    This level is well below a phone's reception and requires a spectrum analyzer to detect. Most of the competition has much lower receiver sensitivity, therefore they will not be able to reach the distances the XPANDAcell repeater can obtain and this provides a much more reliable service.


  • XPANDAcell has adjustable gain for both the pickup and fill antennas plus a provision for override capability.
    This feature is unique to the XPANDAcell repeater and enables a transmission level from the extender/repeater that is compatible with that of a nearby base station ensuring non-interference. Many of our competitors have automatic gain controls with no override capability.


  • XPANDAcell has 95db of uplink and downlink gain before antennas.
    Many of our competitors state 85 to 90db of system gain, but they add in antenna gain. Our specifications are made before antennas are added.


  • XPANDAcell is fully FCC and Industry Canada certified.
    Many of our competitors are not certified at all or make statements such as "We meet FCC certifications". The FCC certification is one of the hardest to obtain and held in high regard around the world. We are certified for 800, 850, and 1900 MHz cellular services. We are presently working on 900 and 1800 MHz certifications. With current proposed FCC regulations in the process, the purchase of an inferior-made repeater could get you shut down by the carrier or fined.


  • XPANDAcell has built-in RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) LED indicators for antenna alignment.
    Many of our competitors rely on the best guess, external test equipment, or voltage meters for aligning antennas. Our method of alignment is built-in for ease of setup and to save money and time.


  • XPANDAcell can support multiple carriers of CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G, or 5G simultaneously.
    Since the RPT is only dependent on frequency, we can support multiple carrier technologies within the same frequency band.


  • XPANDAcell can support both Analog and Digital services at the same time.
    Many of our competitors can only support one or the other and may be tied to a particular cellular provider.


  • XPANDAcell can customize bandwidth to particular clients' specifications.
    You may have the need to only support certain cellular channels or services, we have the ability to customize the RPT-9000 to match your specifications. Our competitors typically do not have this capability or have limitations.


  • XPANDAcell can customize the performance of the RPT-9000 to match the customer's specifications.
    In many cases, our customers require that the performance meets certain criteria and not interfere with other networks either private or public. We have total control of how our unit is manufactured and the components used which allows us to design to exact specifications while many of our competitors have fixed configurations with limited options.


  • XPANDAcell has separate uplink and downlink components with modular construction.
    Many of our competitors have a single board design which means any failure requires the replacement of the entire board or unit. XPANDAcell has a modular construction design for easy replacement of any defective components. This method also provides the highest level of reliability and signal clarity.


  • XPANDAcell can support the harshest of environments.
    Many of our competitors can only support controlled environmental temperatures or less extreme environmental temperatures. Our unit is capable of supporting -30 to +60 Celsius temperatures and is housed in a NEMA 4 hardened enclosure. XPANDAcell units are used in drilling platforms from frozen tundras to the massive heat of African plains.


  • XPANDAcell carries a 2-Year manufacturer warranty
    Many of our competitors have a 90 day to 1-year warranty. When a competitor's unit is returned for repair, it can be up to 3 months before it's returned or replaced. At XPANDAcell, the RPT-9000 carries a full 2-year warranty with same-day turnaround** on repairs.


* Distance is based on several factors including cell tower timing, frequency, and analog/digital signal

**when received before 12 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) time zone. Based on standard models. Special configurations may take longer due to specialized filters or components.



For more information, questions, or pricing on XPANDAcell carrier-grade and large area cellular repeaters and extenders, please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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