What is a Cellular Repeater

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A cellular extender can have several meanings depending on the application or product. For our purposes a cellular extender allows for the extension of an existing cellular tower or towers beyond its designated distance. The typical cellular tower may reach up to to 10 miles with service and reception, but typically only 2 to 5 miles where another cellular tower would pickup and take over service.


Cellular towers are placed in densely populated areas due to their high cost associated with an expensive cellular switch, tower and antennas. The cost of the cellular towers and switches will typically cost $250,000.00 to over a million dollars for most new installations. The possibility of putting these expensive cellular switches and towers in a rural or unpopulated area is very unlikely. In addition, many low reception and dead spots are created even within more populated areas or at the perimeters. Valleys, hills, underground tunnels and tall buildings also cause problems for cellular reception. In many cases, despite the complaints, most cellular carriers will either ignore the situation or not find enough justification in upgrades or new cellular towers and switches.


The Cellular extender provides the solution to this problem. The Cellular extender can be placed up to 60km or 37 miles* away from the nearest tower and extend cellular service to an area with limited or no reception. The cellular extender picks up the faintest cellular signals and repeats the signal to the area you designate. There is no need for a new expensive cellular switch.  There is no need for permission from the cellular provider, In fact the cellular extender is used by many cellular carriers and providers to enhance their service without installing expensive cellular switches.


With the addition of a Cellular to Fiber extender to the cellular repeater, we can increase the possible applications to areas that are blocked from line of sight such as a hill or canyon. Since the Cellular extender has RF outputs for both the receiving antenna and the cellular fill antenna to the user, the fill antenna output can go to our cellular fiber extender and be converted to fiber optics for long distance antenna extension up a hill or canyon to the area requiring cellular service.

Our RPT-9000 is the Cellular extender and the FPT-5000 is our Cellular fiber extender. Either of these products can be used alone or with each other for many cellular extender and repeater applications.


Unlike other cellular repeater products that typically only address small areas and buildings such as warehouses with reception problems internally, our cellular extender is more than a cellular repeater and should not be confused with low cost inferior products. Many cellular repeaters are limited not only to distance, but also to the amount of cellular calls it will support. Most cellular repeaters are built to only amplify a weak signal that can be picked up by a cell phone, but our cellular extender can pick up cellular signals that cellular phones will not even register as a single bar. Many cellular repeaters do not have the ability to service a large fill area, instead only focusing on the space within a warehouse or other small area.


Before you consider a typical cellular repeater, learn about cellular extenders and how they may improve your cellular service. In addition, our cellular extender is a cellular amplifier and cellular repeater as well. All the basic functionality of a cellular amplifier and repeater are captured in the RPT-9000, but the distance, cellular service and customer satisfaction will be greatly improved.


There are many applications for the cellular extender with its amplification and repeater functionality. Cellular service to valleys, hills, underground, canyons, parks, rural areas or just about any place with limited or no cellular reception. The RPT-9000 with its enhanced cellular repeater functionality solve all your cellular reception problems.

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