Technical - IDRPT-9000

The IDRPT-9000 is transparent to the type of service or information within the service. It is only concerned with the frequency. This means the unit will pass CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G or AMPs transparently. The RPT-9000 passes the voice, data or video to the cell phones transparently.

The unit has built in protection from over amplification, oscillations, loose connections, incorrect antennas, signal reflection and other issues that can cause the amplifier to saturate. This includes SWR (Standing Wave Radio).

We utilize positioning of antennas and attenuation control to eliminate this problem. The use of quality antennas like AMP/Antel or Tiltek are suggested. The antennas should be placed around 70 feet (21m) apart from each other. It does not matter if it is vertical or horizontal spacing, though horizontal should increase distance by at least 10 feet. The repeater also contains a Smart Oscillation detection feature to prevent damage.

The IDRPT-9000 was designed to give you a cell tower experience with solid performance, superior audio and high data rates. When you introduce more than a single frequency into a repeater, it requires you to design a repeater differently and accept performance trade-offs. Some of these trade-offs include reduced distance reach, data rates and number of phones supported simultaneously. For small applications with a few users and a relatively close cell tower this might be acceptable, but XPANDAcell believes in a superior product, reliability and transparency  to the user.